“The EU is making its peoples poorer, less democratic and less free.” Don’t take my word for it, read the words of Daniel Hannan MEP. One area about which I have always been passionate is our fishing industry. How could any island nation give away its one sustainable, renewable resource? Only a fool would do that and only a fool would not want to put right such a dreadful wrong. Wolfgang Munchau, a self-confessed "unrepentant EU fanatic" said “the regulatory burden of the single market outweighs the benefits. There may be reasons why the UK may wish to remain a member of the EU, but whatever they are, they are not economic.” Britain needs its freedom to flourish.

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Climate change cannot be measured over a few years or even over a few decades as is done by prominent alarmist scientists. Remember the infamous “hockey stick” graph? The overall trend is actually down by a noticeable 0.3°C per millennium.Will changing my light bulbs save the planet….of course it won’t. Will imposing burdensome costs on our businesses make a jot of difference other than putting us at a disadvantage with the rest of the world, absolutely not? Climate changes. It always has and always will. There is no scientific basis whatever for talking about 'catastrophic climate change’ Our Politicians need to accept that fact and plan long term for the ups and downs of a fluctuating climate. Image by



Wind power, which is both unreliable and hugely costly, is clearly an economic nonsense that would condemn us to a wholly unnecessary fall in living standards. Note the increase in our fuel bills. Offshore wind farms get subsidies that are more than twice as high as those onshore. Expect even further increases in our fuel bills. We pay the world’s highest subsidies for electricity and the wind farm companies, all foreign-owned, cash in on this ridiculous state of affairs. This costs US, through our bills, more than three times that from conventional power stations (and six times more than that from coal). Even worse, new wind farms will produce much less than half the power the politicians claim.

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